We make DAILY Sterilizer for your better daily life.


99.9% Sterilization of Bacteria & Viruses

Small & Light Portable Sterilizer (Pouch type)


Easy, Light and Stylish

About Product

Compact Size

Keep Mask

Push the button for sterilization

Card Keeper


Keep Mask & Sterilize at the same time

Multi-Sterilized Pouch for Multi-Purpose Use

On your Desk

In your Bag



MODEL              SSMUVPM140

SIZE                   140 x 100 x 20 (mm)

WEIGHT             100g

MATERIAL          Synthetic Leather

UV                      275mm / 405mm

POWER              1W

INPUT                 5V 200mA

CAPACITY          3.7V 110mA



Insert the item to be sterilized into the pouch. Or open and put the sterilizer onto the item to be sterilized. 


Press the operation button. Sterilization starts when blue light in on inside the pouch.

The light automatically turns off about one minute after sterilization begins.


- If you want any further sterilization, press the operation button. 

- Do not look into UV LED and bring it to your skin during sterilization.


Please read thoroughly and follow the information. Failure to comply with the instructions below may result in electric shock or serious injury. Please keep the manual for later reference.

Do not use in wet conditions.

This is a household appliance. Any use in wet conditions may cause product damage or personal injury from a short circuit.

Do not touch the charging cable with wet hands.

This is an electric device. Touching the cable with wet hands may cause

electric shock or damage the product.

Follow the instructions when using the product.

Any arbitrary use of the product may cause damage to the product.

Do not try to repair the product arbitrarily.

The company is not responsible for any damage to the product caused by the user’s arbitrary repair. 

Do not direct LED towards your skin or eyes when using the product.

The product uses UV-C LED, which may cause a harmful effect on your body.

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